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Kigoma form four mock examinations 2024

 Download Form four Kigoma mock examination 2024

Mock examinations are all examination conducted for preparing students to NECTA examination. In Tanzania there are regular schedule for doing different examination before NECTA.

Out of Mock examination are other examination such as pre NECTA, joins examination which involves agreement of various school to do one examination.

These examinations prepare students for doing the best to their last examination

Download all Kigoma mock examination 2024 here

Biology 01

Biology 02 A









Physics 1

PhysicS 2A

Other examination links

Format of NECTA examination

Examination formats differ from each subject but there are common things examination should have

  • Examination should comprise total question with weight of one hundred percentage
  • Examination should have sections, such as section A section and section C
  • Examination should have understandable questions that are drawn from lesson taught in class
  • Examination should have instruction that guide a student what he or she supposed to do
  • Examination should indicate the type of examination either mock or NECTA examination
Kigoma is located in western Tanzania, East Africa. It lies on the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika, one of the African Great Lakes. Kigoma is an important port and railway destination in Tanzania, providing access to the lake and connections to other parts of the country.

Kigoma has primary and secondary schools, among of those schools are

 Primary Schools

1.Kigoma Primary School

2. Kigoma Ujiji Primary School

3. Mwanga Primary School

4. Bangwe Primary School

5. Gungu Primary School

Secondary Schools

1. Kigoma Secondary School

2. Kigoma High School

3. Ujiji Secondary School

4. Kasulu Secondary School

5. Bangwe Secondary School

6. Kibirizi Secondary School

7. Kibondo Secondary School

 All schools provides education knowledge to Tanzanians

Kigoma NECTA result are here

All secondary schools results from NECTA

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