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Form two Luqman Islamic seminary examination

Form two Luqman Islamic seminary examination

 Form two Luqman seminary examination| Midterm examination with marking scheme| Terminal examination|Download past paper in pdf |Necta examination | Primary school examination| Secondary school examination|Advanced level examination

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School Category: Secondary school

School Level: O-level

School number: P1921

Luqman Islamic seminary examination










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Importance of examination

1. Assessment of Knowledge

Examinations assess student's understanding of the material covered in a course. They measure the extent to which students have understood key concepts, theories, and practical skills.

2. Feedback Mechanism

 Examinations provide valuable feedback to both students and teachers. Students learn where they stand in terms of their understanding and can identify areas that need improvement. Teachers gain insights into student's strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to update their teaching methods and provide targeted support.

3. Motivation for Learning

Examinations can act as a motivational tool for students. The prospect of performing well in exams often drives students to engage more deeply with the material, study consistently, and strive for academic excellence.

4. Quality Assurance

Examinations play a crucial role in maintaining academic standards and ensuring the quality of education. By assessing student's performance against predefined criteria, exams help institutions uphold their standards and identify areas for curriculum enhancement or revision.

5. Preparation for Real-world Challenges

 Exams simulate real-world situations where individuals are often evaluated based on their knowledge and skills. By experiencing assessments in an academic setting, students develop the ability to handle pressure, manage time effectively, and perform under scrutiny skills that are invaluable in various professional and personal contexts.

6. Credentialing and Selection

 Examinations serve as a basis for credentialing and selection processes. Academic qualifications obtained through exams are often prerequisites for admission to higher education institutions, eligibility for certain professions, and employment opportunities. Exams help institutions and employers assess candidate's suitability and competency for specific roles or academic programs.

criteria for a good examination

  1. A good examination should be time bound. Form two examination has only two hours and a half while form four examination has three hours
  2. A good examination should focus on subject matter related with surrounding environment.
  3. A good examination should focus on topics taught with different weight as indicated in syllabus. (table of specification)
merits of examination
  1. It  helps students to equip with continuous study. most of students study because of examination unlike they were not studying.
  2. Examination helps to develop knowledge for learners 
  3. Examination upgrade learners from unknown to known. sometime students face difficult questions in their examination, after that they finding answers of those questions
  4. Examination helps to measure understanding of leaners to move from one level to another in school system


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