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Form four Luqman Islamic seminary examination round two

Form four Luqman Islamic seminary examination round two

Form four Luqman islamic seminary examination| Examination round two | Midterm examination with marking scheme| Terminal examination| Download past paper in pdf |Necta examination | Primary school examination| Secondary school examination| Advanced level examination | Tanzania institute of education.

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School Category: Secondary school

School Level: O-level

School number: P1921

Form four Luqman Islamic seminary examination round two


Biology 01

Biology 02

Book keeping

Chemistry 01

Chemistry 02







Physics 01

Physics 02

Kibaha form two pre mock examination 2024

Kibaha form  four pre mock examination 2024

Tanzania institute of education books

Do you know Luqman Islamic Seminary Secondary School?

Luqman Islamic Seminary Secondary School is a secondary school in Tanzania with The National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) registration number S1921.

This school is located at Dar es salaam. Luqman Islamic Seminary is boys and girls school.

Luqman Islamic Seminary Secondary School Facilities

The Luqman Islamic Seminary Secondary School, features a number of facilities for academic issues designed to meet all requirements. The School Facilities are:

  • Science Laboratories
  • Outdoor football field
  • Libraries
  • Classrooms

where does Luqman Islamic Seminary Secondary School located?

  • Luqman Islamic Seminary Secondary School Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

If you want to access Luqman Islamic Seminary Secondary School visit NECTA website or NECTA | View News

  • After opening the link click on form four examination
  • Then use search tools in your phone or computer; write the name of school to see the result
selection of primary students to join secondary school are here name of students to join form one 2024 or visit matokeo.necta.go.tz/results/2023/selection/psle_selection.htm

The history of Tanzania Institute of education
Before coming of European Tanzania education was based to primitive knowledge depends on certain communities, people were learning how to cook, caring family, hunting etc. This education helps people to live in their community.

After inversion of colonies in African the education system changed. Education transmitted through English language and only few people were accessed to get education especially chiefs' children.

After independence 1961 Tanganyika had changed to education system to ensure everyone has access to education. After unification Tanganyika and Zanzibar 1964 the system of education changed. People were taught about Agriculture and education for self-reliance. Education for self-reliance is implemented in 1967.

Education for self-reliance aimed to prepare students to do a task taught at school for any given environment instead of theoretical system such as agriculture and handcraft.

About 1975 Tanzania institute of education established to control and manage education system through curriculum update, to prepare teaching materials such as books, to train teachers and making research for development of education system.


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