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Namna ya kupata kitambulishi cha NIDA na orodha ya majina ya vitambulisho ambavyo viko tayari

Namna ya kupata kitambulishi cha NIDA na orodha ya majina ya vitambulisho ambavyo viko tayari

Online national identity card in Tanzania | NIDA online in Tanzania| register NIDA here

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How to get NIDA number online?

Visit NIDA Tanzania online here

  • To get your ID's number open link above then fill information asked such as your birthday, mother's name, your full name and primary school you studied
  • After completing information asked you will see your NIDA's number
List of National identity card that are ready and their respective locations. "Sehemu vitambulisho vinapopatikana"

All names are here :  https://vitambulisho.nida.go.tz/

  • Click link above
  • Select region you registered your ID
  • Select district
  • Select ward
  • Select village
  • Lastly you will see your name and  where your ID is located
You can select a region below to follow steps above

Do you know the history of national identity card in Tanzania?

The idea of introducing National identity card for Tanzanian citizens and residents was started in 1968 during the Interstate Intelligence Gathering meeting involving delegates from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. During that time, Zambia and Kenya already had their own National identity card. It was agreed that to strengthen security relations based on the Rule of Law in these four countries, Uganda and Tanzania also needed to issue National identity card to their citizens.

There have been various government efforts to ensure all Tanzanians and resident foreigners are issued National IDs, but these efforts have not produced the expected results for a long time due to various reasons. 

It's clear that at this time, there's significant importance in having National identity card given the current circumstances. The establishment of the East African Community, where five countries have united and agreed that people from these countries can travel without barrier, has also increased the importance of having National IDs. It should be noted that Tanzania is the only country in that community without National IDs.

A feasibility study of National identity card conducted in 2006 has shown that the project is feasible. Furthermore, the report outlined the project's cost estimates and how it will be implemented, with Smartcard technology being chosen as agreed upon by the Council of Ministers in a meeting held in Dodoma in February 2007.

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania, Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, has already signed the Instrument of Establishment for the National Identification Authority (NIDA). This document was published in the Government Newspaper, GN No.122, dated 01/08/2008.

Furthermore, in its meeting on February 3, 2007, the Cabinet provided guidance to establish a Steering Committee comprised of Permanent Secretaries, Heads of Departments, and Units involved in key matters regarding National IDs. Among other things, this committee will be responsible for providing guidance and direction for the project's programs.

The Cabinet decided that the feasibility report by Gotham International Limited (GIL) should serve as the implementation guideline for the project, and the company was appointed as the Project Consultant.

Criteria for having national identity card

  • You supposed to be citizens of Tanzania
  • Your age supposed to be 18+


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