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Mpwapwa mock examination standard Seven 2024- primary school

Mpwapwa mock examination standard Seven 2024- primary school

 Mpwapwa mock examination 2024| Primary examination 2024 | English medium and Swahili medium examination here| Download all examination in pdf

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Welcome to elimikablog.com to get more updates about ordinary level notes, primary school notes including English medium and swahili medium, Tanzania institute of education books, past papers of different years, midterm examination, mock examination and necta examination. Also we provides different updates about education issues here.

How to download these examination

  • Open the word download below then follow the links
  • The document will be open via your gmail, then click okay.
  • Here you can download your examination by clicking download button right side on top of your documents
  • Also you can print it clicking print button on top of your document at right side

Mpwapwa primary schools mock examination with marking scheme


Download pre mock kibaha here 

Mpwapwa district is located in Dodoma region where is a centre of Tanzania.

All schools did this examination to evaluate there understanding before necta examination.

What are importance of mpwapwa mock examination to students

  • To evaluate the progress of students understanding before necta.
  •  examination helps teachers to know methodology of teaching for performance of students
  • Examinations helps to know which topic to put more effort that students fail to the examination
  • Examinations forecast the performance of necta examination to the school
What is the meaning of education in Tanzania?
Education is a process which provides knowledge, competencies, values, and life skills
to the targeted beneficiaries. The process aims at preparing a pupil to survive within his
or her environment, and to participate fully in community and national development

Goals of Tanzania education

One of the goals of education in Tanzania is to offer quality education that
enables graduates to participate fully in enhancing initiatives by the government to
boost the national economy to attain a middle income and industrial economy by 2025.
This is the goal that the Standard I-VII Curriculum for Primary Education intends
to achieve. 

Also, the curriculum aims at cultivating broader experience to the
pupil and emphasizing learner-centred teaching and learning. Learner-centred methods
address the needs of all learners, irrespective of their differences. This curriculum
focuses on equipping the pupil in all domains of learning: spiritual, ethical, mental,
physical, and social.

Do you know that Tanzania curriculum focus on competence of learners?

The curriculum has been prepared to fulfil the requirements for the pupil to acquire
the necessary competencies at primary education level. Therefore, the curriculum is
in line with Education Act No.25 as well as national and international declarations. 

What we supposed to understand?

We supposed to understand that we live in a society whose needs are constantly changing due to changes in science, technology and the economy. Thus, the curriculum will be
constantly improved to keep pace with the changes that occur after the completion of
one cycle; that is, seven years. The Tanzania Institute of Education (TIE), on behalf of
the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST), will be glad to receive
comments from teachers and other education stakeholders to improve this curriculum.
All comments should be directed to the Director General of the Tanzania Institute of

Therefore Tanzania education curriculum changes from content base to competence base system.


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