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Mathematics notes and examination for secondary school

Mathematics notes and examination for secondary school

Mathematics for secondary school | Secondary school notes| Form one Mathematics notes| Form two Mathematics notes | Form three Mathematics notes | Form four Mathematics notes| Mathematics formulas

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Mathematics notes

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Mathematics formula

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Mathematics examination

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Catholic academic secondary union

Kilimanjaro region mock examination

Lindi Morogoro and Iringa examination

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What is the meaning of mathematics?

Mathematics, often referred to as the language of the universe, is a discipline that involves the study of numbers, quantities, shapes, and patterns. 

why do people study mathematics? 

  • Foundation for Science and Engineering. people are studying mathematics for further studying of science and engineering. 
  • Technological Innovation. Also, mathematics become as a part of innovation because most of innovation depends on knowledge of mathematics on how to solve and measure various phenomenon
  • Economic and Financial Analysis. such as banks and various business
  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving. Mathematics becomes as a part of people having ability of thinking to initiate different thought
  • Understanding Natural Patterns.


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