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Form two Kibaha mock examination with marking scheme - Download all examination in pdf

Form two Kibaha mock examination with marking scheme - Download all examination in pdf

 Kibaha form two mock examination 2024| Download Kibaha mock examination| Download All examinations in pdf |Secondary examination|

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Kibaha mock examination 2024

Download examination with marking scheme

All examination compounded together what to do is to open the word below and select examination you want with marking scheme

Kibaha mock form two examination

Geography | marking scheme

 English language |






 Mathematics | marking scheme

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These exams play a crucial role in assessing the academic progress and achievements of students across the country. NECTA also ensures the integrity and fairness of the examination process by developing and implementing appropriate testing procedures and regulations. 

Before conducting NECTA examinations there are other examinations conducted such as pre mock, mock examination and pre NECTA. These examinations prepare students for NECTA Examination

Example of examination that prepare students for NECTA Examination are KIBAHA pre mock examination 2024.

These are competence based examination that equips students with higher evaluation for NECTA examination.

Mode of assessment for form four students

form four students supposed to do NECTA examination and score at least two D in any subject to have credit pass otherwise a student should have division three for further study (advanced level). All students scored division four allowed to select college for further study. 

Things to consider to have  for a good examination

  • A good examination should be time oriented. Form two examination has only two hours and a half while form four examination has three hours
  • A good examination should focus on subject matter related with surrounding environment.
  • A good examination should focus on topics taught with different weight as indicated in syllabus.
Advantages of examination
  • Provide students with higher understanding for further study
  • Examination increases a chance for students to increase their time for studying
  • Examination gives room for learners after doing examination to check for what makes them to fail the examination.


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