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Birth certificate verification by RITA for loan boards HELSB online application 2024/2025

Birth certificate verification by RITA for loan boards HELSB online application 2024/2025


Birth certificate verification by RITA for Loan board application 2024/2025

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Loan allocation

Higher education student's loan board needs verified certificate from Registration insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) to have opportunity of requesting loans for university studies. A student is required to verify birth certificate to continue with other processes. 

This article has guide in step by step to the verification of birth certificate, Read this article carefully

How to Register and Log in to the Registration insolvency and Trusteeship Agency  eRITA portal system

here are steps to register yourself on Registration insolvency and Trusteeship Agency  eRITA portal system

  1. Visit the ERITA portal system https://erita.rita.go.tz/auth or eRITA
  2. After homepage opens click on the register account to commence the registration

Fill all information required such as First name, Middle name, surname, sex, nationality, email, mobile number, password and other information.

  • After that click register button to complete the registration
  • An email will be sent to your Gmail account to activate the registration

    3. open your Gmail account and click the link sent to you to complete the registration.
After this your account will be successfully registered

Steps to verify your birth certificate
  • Visit eRITA portal again https://erita.rita.go.tz/
  • log in to your account by using your username and password 
  • Once you log in navigate to the Birth service through navigation bar

  • Click birth service application
  • The new window will be opened then click birth verification
  • Once you click new window will open and then fill important information as indicated to your birth certificate such as names, date of birth, entry number, district of birth, region and reason for verification

Reason for verification supposed to be Loan Board
NB: After completing above information, you will be required to upload your birth certificate

Once your birth certificate is uploaded, you will click next button to make payment control number.
Once the control number appear you suppose to pay 6000TSH to complete your verification

Wait about one week to get your verification code that will be used for Loan application


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