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All geography form three notes | application of statistics| Map reading and interpretation.

All geography form three notes | application of statistics| Map reading and interpretation.


Map reading and interpretation| Application of simple statistics | physical geography | soil| Structure of the earth | Forces that affect the earth

All form three topics 

Get all form three geography notes in one document

Geography subject in form three class comprise seven topics which are Structure of the earth, Forces that affect the earth, Soil, map making and simple land survey, photograph, map reading and interpretation and application of simple statistics.

These topics equips students with knowledge of understanding different geographical phenomenon. In simple description form three topics makes a students to have knowledge about structure of the earth and understand all layers compose structure of the earth

And also form three topics add knowledge to students for adding knowledge about forces that operate within and outside of the earth's crust those force are like; diastrophism, mass wasting, earthquake, weathering, water action and glaciation.

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Apart form that helps students to understand the nature of soil and the best soil that support plant growth, students to understand proper ways of conserving soil to our environment.

Also equips students with knowledge of land survey, map making and interpretation and photograph interpretation. all these helps to have experts in different field of geography.

Also application of statistics encourages students to have knowledge of summarizing different massive data into readable form by using number.


Geography notes for secondary school

Importance of geography subject to students

1. It helps to get skills for environment conservation.
2. It helps to promote the proper use of available natural resources.
3. It increases awareness of our country. For example, knowing boundaries and resources
4. It helps to get professional like engineer
5. It helps to develop practical skills. For example, observation, recording and interpreting various geographical phenomena
6. It helps to understand how to solve geographical problem. For example, air pollution and deforestation.
7. It helps to understand the nature of the universe. For example, where the earth come from.
8. It helps to understand geographical features. For example, mountain, valley, plateau, vegetation and water bodies.


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