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Biashara ambazo zinalipa kwa mtaji mdogo

Biashara ambazo zinalipa kwa mtaji mdogo


Small business with higher income| how to become rich| how to start a business 

Starting a business that requires little capital and yields significant profits requires committed individuals who are willing to work hard. Success is often achieved by overcoming challenges. Begin by affirming to yourself that you are committed to work and won't lose hope, no matter the obstacles you face.

Now, let's explore some businesses that yield high returns with minimal capital:

1. Tailoring (sewing clothes)

This business can be highly profitable. The capital required for this business is primarily the cost of learning the skill and acquiring your own sewing machine. This business has the potential to earn you up to fifty thousand Tanzanian Shillings (50,000 TZS) per day. Just think about it, repairing torn clothes alone can fetch you between one to two thousand Shillings, there are various tailoring services that can cost up to fifteen to twenty thousand Shillings.

The key here is to invest in a sewing machine and have a skilled tailor who can train you for at least a month. The cost of a basic sewing machine is around two hundred and fifty thousand Shillings (250,000 TZS).

2. Selling Fruit Juice

In urban areas, this business can generate substantial income for you. To start, you'll need a capital of at least four hundred and fifty thousand Tanzanian Shillings.

Here's the breakdown: Purchase a fridge for three hundred thousand Shillings, a blender for sixty or seventy thousand Shillings, and use the remaining money to buy fruits such as avocados, mangoes, and various other quality fruits.

What you'll do is blend your juice to high standards and add sweet ingredients like vanilla, and ginger. Once ready, you can sell your juice by distributing it in various locations such as garages, stands, and offices. If you produce high-quality juice, you'll have people placing orders for juice every day.

3. CD/DVD Rental and Song Importing Business

This is a very good business with capital that doesn't easily deplete because all you need is your computer and a stock of CDs/DVDs. You'll transfer movies or songs to customers, who will pay you while you retain the movies and songs.

If you start this business in a lively area, you can earn up to fifty thousand Shillings in a single day.

To start this business: Buy a good computer from a store, which you can find for up to 350,000 TZS, then go to Kariakoo to get a stock of CDs, even with just one hundred and fifty thousand Shillings.

For the business premises, you can rent a small space or just set up a stand, but make sure you have CDs/DVDs that attract customers.

4. Establishing an Online Website

You might wonder how people with websites or blogs make money. Well, individuals who own websites are paid by companies like Adsense, Manetag, and Adstera. If you've ever seen advertisements while browsing a website, some can even be annoying, that's how people earn money through the internet. The key is simply having a website and posting content that will attract your readers.

You might wonder how to create a website. It's easy; find someone skilled to create it for you and teach you how to prepare content. It's quite simple if you decide to learn.

Websites can earn you a lot; you can sustain your life just by working from home.

Additionally, you can use websites to sell your products. So, when people see products on your website, they order, and you send them, just like AliExpress and Alibaba websites.

5. Salon or Barbershop Business

These jobs also pay well, especially for women looking for a very affordable business to start. If you're considering this, then hairdressing is a good option. The capital for this business is just your skill. You can start by braiding people's hair even at your doorstep. When you begin, look for capital to buy mirrors, salon chairs, and hair dryers.

For a barbershop, you can buy your own machine and start offering services in the neighborhood. You can walk around with your machine and provide home services while gradually saving up for enough capital.

If you have enough capital, you can buy at least two barbershop chairs, two mirrors, at least three barbershop machines, and hair products.

6. Photography

This is a very good business, especially for college students and people living in densely populated areas.

This business thrives if done with high quality. You'll take high-quality photos of people and then edit them using Adobe Photoshop. This will impress customers, and this business can also impact your other side gigs.

The key is to have a camera and your computer to work with quality. You can also enhance your business by using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to offer photo editing services. This way, people can see the quality of your work, and you can start getting more online jobs.


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