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Primary examination| Mitihani ya shule ya msingi 2024

Primary examination| Mitihani ya shule ya msingi 2024

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Arthmetics standard one

Communication PU one

Language and communication PU two

English standard three

Civic and moral standard five

Civic and moral standard seven

Standard two examination2024

Standard three examinations2024

 The Primary Education Curriculum got updated in 2015 to follow the rules set by the Education Act of 1978 and its changes in 2002, the Education and Training Policy from 1995 along with its updated version in 2014, the Education Sector Development Programme from 1999 to 2009, and the Tanzania Development Vision 2025.

Also, the curriculum review considered the Primary Education Development Programme from 2000 to 2006 and the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty. Advice from different research reports and education experts also had a big impact on shaping this curriculum.

Originally, the 1997 curriculum focused on subject matter, but its review in 2005 switched to emphasizing skills. However, research suggests that despite these changes, the curriculum still leans more towards content than skills. In 2013, a nationwide study showed that some students were struggling with basic reading, writing, and arithmetic (3Rs). It was found that the curriculum for grades I and II had too many subjects, leading teachers to focus more on covering content rather than teaching the 3Rs. This prompted the Ministry of Education to revise the curriculum, prioritizing the 3Rs. This revision began in 2015 by removing unnecessary subjects and putting more focus on developing 3R skills in grades I and II. The second phase of the curriculum review happened in 2016, which involved combining subjects like Geography and History into Social Studies for grades III to VII. The third phase took place in 2019, further refining the curriculum and preparing syllabi for grade VII.

 This phase involved further integration into the curriculum for Standard I-VII with a logical progression. These improvements have considered the needs of the society, the development of science and technology and the enhancement of learner-centered teaching and learning.

For more information about primary school in Tanzania read this document from Tanzania institute of education Curriculum for primary education


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