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Geography notes for secondary school - form four notes

Geography notes for secondary school - form four notes

Geography form four notes| All notes for secondary school| Tanzania institute of education books| Competence based curriculum notes| 






The education system in Tanzania is governed by the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. The education system in Tanzania consists of three levels: primary education (seven years), secondary education ( Four years for ordinary level and two years for advanced level), and higher education. In higher level there are variation of years depend to field of study.

Primary Education: Primary education in Tanzania lasts for seven years, starting at the age of six or seven. The primary education curriculum covers subjects such as mathematics, science, English, Kiswahili (the national language), social studies, and physical education,

Secondary Education: Secondary education in Tanzania is divided into two cycles: Ordinary Level (O-level) and Advanced Level (A-level). O-level education lasts for four years, followed by two years of A-level education. The curriculum at the secondary level includes a wider range of subjects, including Geography, History, mathematics, General study, Physics, chemistry, Biology, commence, Agriculture etc. In advanced level students select range of subjected performed in ordinary level mostly are three subjects those are called combination. 

Vocational Education: Tanzania also offers vocational education and training (VETA) programs to provide students with practical skills for employment. These programs are designed to equip students with skills relevant to various industries and sectors. Such as driving, sewing, electric study etc.

Higher Education: Higher education in Tanzania is provided by universities, colleges, and technical institutions. The curriculum at the higher education level varies depending on the institution and the field of study. Tanzania has several universities and colleges offering a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in various disciplines. examples of universities are university of Dar es salaam ( UDISM), University of Dodoma ( UDOM), Muslim university of Morogoro (MUM) etc.

The Tanzanian government periodically reviews and updates the education curriculum to ensure its relevance and effectiveness in meeting the needs of students and society. Now days students are equipped to learn mostly in practical through the system of competence based curriculum.

competence based curriculum focus on students to learn and associate with his or her own environment. Also this blog provides best notes for students to learn more in practical and associate with environment.

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