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Basic excel learning

Basic excel learning

Learn Excel program| Basic excel | Introduction to excel| general over view of excel program  

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 Excel is spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for windows, android and iOS system.

Spreadsheet is displayed in grid layout (rows and columns).

The first version was released in 1985 and has gone through several changes over time.

however the main function of excel remain the same

what are main uses of excel? 

excel is used for:

  • Analysis
  • Data entry
  • financial control
  • Data analysis
  • Programming system
  • visuality and graphs
  • Data management
why you supposed to choose excel for leaning?
  • it easy to learn 
  • Also it is popular spreadsheet over the world
  • In excel you can do best as you want
  • it can be used for family issue like budget and also it can used at work place
  • it easy to get support from community and Microsoft who own the system
  • In excel you can used prepared template for different task
How to use Microsoft excel?
microsoft excel use different program. therefore to run microsft excel you supposed to installl program like microsoft office from its official website ( microsoft office ) or download WPS for smartphone users from app store or play store.

after downloading Microsoft office open it, then click blank workbook

what is workbook?
Workbook is a file that contains one or more worksheets. This container for organizing and storing your data, calculations, charts, and other components.
Each workbook can contain more sheets, and you can switch between these sheets within the same workbook.
This is example of workbook in excel.👇

As introduced above within workbook there are worksheets that you can switch between them, 
Therefore what is worksheet?
worksheet is a single spreadsheet within a workbook. Each workbook can contain one or more worksheets, and each worksheet consists of a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns.

  • worksheet in excel is recognized as sheet or tab
  • worksheet is used to write different document with particular characteristics. For example you want to write about students results, in your school there are form one to form four. Therefore each class results should be written in different sheet
The excel has row and column view similar to square or rectangular

Column is determined by letter example A, B and C above of excel while rows are determined by numbers in left side of spread sheet



How to determine cell
The point where column and row meet is called cell example A column meet with 1 (A1)

Active cell is clicked cell that could accept data input, edit or delete of data. Example A1

To edit data in active cell you should double click or press F2 in your keyboard

When you enter a long and you need to wide the cell you should wide the whole column by pressing the edge between two column and hold it up to your size

Note all numbers and text should be put in active cell then press enter to shift another cell or using a mouse to another cell

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