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Best Excel formula

Best Excel formula

Excel formula | Learn excel formula | how to use excel formula | how to insert excel formula | best formula in excel 

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what is excel formula?

Excel formula is expression that operates on values in a range of cells or within one cell.

what are uses of excel formula?

Formulas in excel are used to operate mathematical calculation such as 

  • summation
  • subtraction
  • multiplication
  • division

Syntax in excel

Syntax is the rules that define the combination of symbols that are considered to be correctly structured statement or expressions

Or syntax is a form of code that provide a meaning after being written correctly

Syntax of formula in excel

A formula in excel start with the equal sign = typed in a cell.

let's check example below of different formula

1. Summation in Excel

i. The basic way of adding is 
Example of summation formula

NOTE: A2, B2 and B3 are called cells that have value to be added review this lesson here of cell 

ii. Addition by using in built formula

The word sum means summation 

The difference between inbuilt formula and basic way of adding is this. in basic way of adding excel can add different cell that located at different location in a workbook such as adding of A2, C3, B5 because only plus sign is used to add different cells

inbuilt formula adds consecutive cells ( cells that followed one another like A1,B1,C1 Or A1, A2, A3)
Example of inbuilt formula

iii. Adding non consecutive cell

This is used to add consecutive followed by non consecutive cell to do so after completing  consecutive cell close with blanket and add + sign to add non consecutive cell or use comma to close both cells in blanket as shown below

Another sum function
This is used to add two different groups of consecutive cells

2. Subtraction in excel
Simple method of subtraction is 
3. Multiplication in excel

Multiply more than two numbers
A2, B2,C3
Put semi colone notation(:)
Or use product sign
=Product (A2:C3)

4. Division in Excel
Division of one value to another the slash sign should be used as follows
Take example A2 is filled by 40 and A3 is filled by 10
The answer is 4
Average in Excel
Average formula in excel
=Average (B2:D2)
Or use average function in function library

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