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Excel basic formula

Summation in Excel

The basic way of adding things is 

Or the use of in built formula

Adding non consecutive cell

Another some function

Substraction in excel
Simple method of substraction is 
Multiplication in excel

Multiply more than two numbers
A2, B2,C3
Put semi colone notation(:)
Or use product sign
=Product (A2:C3)

Division in Excel
Division of one value to another the slash sign should be used as follows
Take example A2 is filled by 40 and A3 is filled by 10
The answer is 4
Average in Excel
Here, you are trying to figure a common value. Example of determine the students score marks to all exams lets see these three subjects average

Insert this formula to Average cell E2 as follows
=Average (B2:D2)
Or use average function in function library