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How to make window installation in computer

How to make window installation in computer

 How to install window in my computer | How to boot a USB drive

Window installation

How to install window in computer?

1. get installation window media

You can download from official website or window installation disc

2. Create a USB bootable driver.

You can boot USB by using Rufus program

“Learn how to boot USB for window installation”

(a) To boot USB download Rufus then run it, from this program select image of window from your computer where the file is located

(b) Then choose either GPT or MBR for installation depends with your computer, then click start button for booting.

3. After booting your USB insert to your computer port and restart your PC, during starting of your PC click either F2, F9, F10 or F12 according to your computer system, then USB bootable drive will be located to your screen, then select your USB by press enter key.

4. Start installation by following instructions, then select location for installation, it is recommended to format primary location C drive before installation, then follow next instruction for installation.

Note: Some of windows need to write product key, just fill the product key of given window.

5. After installation remember to update drivers for betterment of your PC

If you face any challenges just write a comment down, you will be given assistance immediately.


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