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Condition sentences

Condition sentences

Condition sentences

 Condition sentences are natural language sentence that express that one thing is contingent on something else.

The following are types of condition sentences

Condition sentence type I

It is called real condition; the situation is likely to happen in the future.


Simple present tense, simple future

Example of the sentences

  • If you study hard, you will pass an exam.
  • If you rest, you will feel better

Condition sentence type II (imaginary condition)

It expresses condition that is unrealistic or will not be likely to happen in the future.


Simple past, subject+would/should/could+verb

Example of the sentences

  • If I inherited a billion dollars, I would travel to the moon
  • If I had money, I could stay in Arabic
  • It they had a house, they might sell it

Condition sentence type III

It is used to show that the present circumstance would have been happen different if something different had happened in the past.


Past perfect, subject +would +have +past participle

Example of sentences

  • If I had lost my job, I would have gone abroad
  • If you had resigned the job, you would have faced financial problems
  • If Juma hadn’t been a teacher, he might become an engineer.


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