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1.0: Human activities- Form two topics

1.0: Human activities- Form two topics


2.1: Concept of human activities
Concepts from this subtopic
a.       (a)Meaning of human activities
b.       (b)Types of human activities
The concept of human activities
 Human activities are functions, tasks or works that human beings perform to earn a living. For example, agriculture and trade.

Types of human activities
(i) Primary activities: are done by people when they interact directly with the natural environment to obtain their essential needs. For example, agriculture, forestry, mining and fishing.

(ii) Secondary activities: They involve processing products obtained from primary activities. For example, manufacturing of cloth from cotton, production of sugar from sugarcane and steel casting from iron ore.

(ii) Tertiary activities: it is type of activities belong to the service sector. These activities involve the provision of specialised services required for primary and secondary activities. Such activities include transport and communication, trading, administration, banking and insurance.

Importance of human activities Human 
(i) People are employed in different sectors.
(ii) Payment of tax to the government.
(iii) It improves people’s standards of living
(iv) It helps in production of food
(v) It helps in development of infrastructure.
(vi) it facilitates development of manufacturing industries.



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